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Why Scream Pretty Uses Sustainable Recycled Silver

Find our why Scream Pretty only uses Recycled Silver. What is recycled silver? Where does it come from? And, why you should make the change.

What is Recycled Silver?
and why Scream Pretty is using it!

Recycled Silver Jewelry is made from Sterling Silver that has been used previously. Recycled Silver is produced using unwanted jewelry, scrap silver, electronic and medical equipment. While we love the nostalgia and sentimental journey of recycled silver, but we also like the effect is has - a much lower environmental impact both in sourcing and processing the silver. 

Scream Pretty have worked closely with our casting team and silversmiths to make sure there is no loss of quality in our jewelry.

Scream Pretty Recycled Silver Jewellery


Since our inception, we've been seeking ways to take steps towards more sustainable and ethical production of our jewelry. The move to using Recycled Sterling Sliver is a step in our journey and a small change that makes a big impact. 

While mining has always been a fundamental process in the jewelry supply chain, after our founders visited Potosi, a Silver Mine in Bolivia, their commitment to making a positive change was set.  There they saw first hand the impact mining has on both the physical and natural environment and also on those working in difficult and stressful conditions. 

Lucy and Jon at the Silver Mine in Potosi 2004

Lucy feels 'As jewelry makers it is incredibly important to understand where your raw materials come from, and the impact it has on the environment and the people sourcing it'. 

We treat and pay our team fairly and use ethically audited manufacturers with high welfare standards that we visit often. Environmentally we are always seeking to find ways to reduce our footprint, from recycling silver and using FSC approved packaging, to reducing plastic consumption. We're on a journey and we're committed to to continual improvement in these areas.  



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